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Limitless design options

The beauty of a bespoke K-Rend finish is its versatility. Almost any property can be patched up or re-rendered with a perfect colour match, leaving a seamless finish without requiring an entirely new render job. K-Rend can also be used to create the ideal colour for almost any property design, including custom colours based on the Natural Colour System (NCS). It is often used in new builds where the client wishes to evoke a particular style of property, or put a unique stamp on their newly built home. Bespoke colours and finishes are often applied as a thin coat system for best results.

Bespoke K-Rend is commonly used in residential construction projects, but it is also ideal for commercial buildings. Create a building that is on-brand with a corporate coloured finish that helps your premises stand out from the competition.

Mix and match

K-Rend bespoke finishes can be applied as a colour block, and used to restore original colours where existing render has been damaged or where an extension is being added to the property. However, they can also be mixed and matched to create a truly unique finish for any property or premises. K-Rend can be blended to produce an extraordinary range of colours, and these can be used for complex creations including tile effects, banding, and even murals and logos. Mix and match colours and finishes to create a truly customised look for any building.

k rend colours
Advantages of k rend Quoins


Quoins are a masonry feature commonly seen in traditional brick and stone buildings. These cornerstones support the property, and are often made from a different stone to give a distinctive finish. Bespoke K Rend can be used to simulate the look of quoins. The builder applies a different colour of render to the edges of the building, and uses a special tool to cut into that coat, leaving a distinctive design that emulates the effect of quoin stones. These quirky features make the property look stronger, and more stylish, without the need for expensive masonry work.


Bands are raised coats of render applied only to the very edges of buildings, giving the illusion of reinforcement at each corner of the building. These K-Rend coats add kerb appeal to a property and give it a very distinguished look. As with quoins, the bands can be created in contrasting colours to the main render coat, for a bold and striking finish, or carefully matched with the coat to create a more subtle end design. Bands can also be used to outline features like doors and windows, and to enhance cut-in features like porches and parking spaces. Bespoke K-rend finishes can be created to almost any specification.

K Rend Bands


Ashlar, or ashlar cutting, is a special effect used on newly rendered buildings before the coat sets. It is similar to the creation of quoins (see above), except it involves the entire K-Rend finish. The render is cut into with a special tool while the top coat is still wet, and this cutting technique is used to create bands and designs across the entire property. The most commonly seen ashlar style is faux brickwork or stonework, though the technique can also be used to simulate a wood effect. Bespoke designs and finishes can also be applied on request - contact a K-Rend Contractors consultant to discuss your ideas and needs.

K Rend Ashlar

Detailed moulds

Detailed moulds are just as they sound: stunning render moulds that create beautiful finishing effects. Moulding can create the illusion of classical architecture, increase a property's value by improving its aesthetic, and provide a level of detail that sets your home aside from the rest. K-Rend moulds guarantee a unique and unusual finish every time. Our contractors create stunning designs to fit the style of any building. When it comes to building design, those finishing touches really make a difference. Create the beautiful home you deserve with a gorgeous K-Rend bespoke finish.

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Detailed K Rend