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Advantages of K-Rend Over Traditional Rendering Systems

K Rend render is a water-repellent, breathable solution – low maintenance and available in most colours. They are incredibly low maintenance and durable. The silicone additive provides exceptional water repellency and the wide variety of colours make it a practical product for jobs where painting would be an additional time and cost burden. The main difference is they contain fewer pores than traditional renders, have no sparkle and provide a smoother finish.

There are many benefits of using K-Rend instead of a traditional render, including the fact it offers a natural looking finish, has excellent levels of reliance, as well as being easy to apply, by hand or by machine. It is readily workable and comes with a product range for all situations, offering flexibility in your render. Finally, it offers optimum adhesion to a range of substrates and has a high degree of water repellency.

Advantages of k rend
Advantages of k rend

Where Can K-Rend Be Applied?

The K-Rend range includes base coats suitable for most substrates. To ensure you have a successful render system applied to your building that will offer the performance longevity that you require, it is important to select the correct base coat. There are solutions for most substrates including; clay bricks and blocks, insulation boards, lightweight blocks, existing painted and un-painted renders, sandstone and standard blockwork.

You can apply K-rend onto unpainted surfaces. However, if the original render is painted, then the paint MUST either be removed or a barrier created by means of a breathable membrane interface. Talk to us for advice on the best K-Rend product to suit your needs.